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Error 42015 TurboTax: A Guide To Resolve The Error Code

Error 42015 TurboTax occurs whenever you are trying to update TurboTax. It could not connect to the update site. This error code also occurs if the TurboTax software application is not able to connect using the proxy server or the specified proxy server is invalid. The error code is a result of a malfunction within your device. If you want to eliminate the error code 42015 TurboTax, then determine the reasons. After that, you can use various solutions to fix the error 42015 on TurboTax. Here are the few reasons that are responsible for the error:

  • Improper setup of gadgets
  • Wrong system setup
  • Damaged or deleted software files
  • Virus or Malware infections
  • Corrupted Windows gadget information.

Fix The Error 42015 TurboTax: Change The LAN Settings

If TurboTax is displaying Error 42015 TurboTax: The proxy name could not be resolved, then follow these steps. The error arises whenever the specified proxy server is invalid.

  • Close all the other programs on your device
  • Launch the Control Panel settings
  • Go to the Internet options
  • After that, select the Connections tab
  • Navigate to the LAN Settings button
  • Uncheck the Use a proxy server for LAN box from the window
  • Hit the OK tab twice
  • Finally, update the TurboTax software program on your device.

Check the proxy server tab and download a manual update if you are still facing the same issue.

Fix The Error 42015 TurboTax: Close Conflict Programs

You can use the following steps to close conflicting programs:

  • Firstly, press the Ctrl, Alt, and Del buttons simultaneously on your keyboard
  • Launch the Duty supervisor window
  • Then, move to the Processes tab
  • Highlight every program and prevent it
  • Check and solve the mistake message on your display screen
  • Find out the program responsible for the error.
  • Finally, select the programs from the list and end the process.

Fix The Error 42015 TurboTax: Reinstall or Update Software

Go through these steps to update or install the software on your device again:

  • Launch the Control Panel settings
  • Go to Program and Features setting
  • Then, select the software from the list
  • Right-click on the name and select Uninstall button
  • Follow on-screen prompts to finish the uninstallation process
  • Download the latest installation file for the software
  • Launch the file and follow on-screen prompts
  • Finally, tap Install and finalize the installation process.

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Fix The Error 42015 TurboTax: Update the AntiVirus Protection Program

Follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch the Antivirus application program
  • Then, click on the Setting menu icon
  • Launch the Setting menu on the antivirus window
  • Go to the About section and tap the Update option
  • Finish the upgrading process
  • Finally, run a full device scan to remove viruses and malware.

Fix The Error 42015 TurboTax: Cleanup Your Disk

Go through these steps to run Disk Cleanup on your device:

  • Firstly, take a backup of the data on your device
  • Then, restart your device
  • Open the Explorer window
  • Right-click on the significant listing
  • Then, click on the Disk Cleanup option
  • Follow on-screen prompts to finalize the Disk Cleanup process
  • Finally, finish the process and restart the device.

Fix The Error 42015 TurboTax: Reinstall The Graphics Driver

You can reinstall the Graphics Driver software to solve Error 42015 TurboTax:

  • Launch the tool supervisor setting
  • Then, locate the Graphics button in the menu
  • Tap the Graphics driving force tab
  • Right-click on the Video card driving force
  • Then, click on the Uninstall option
  • Restart your device and download the Graphics driver file
  • Launch the file and follow on-screen prompts to install the Graphics Drivers
  • Finalize the process and restart the device to save changes.

Fix The Error 42015 TurboTax: Reset Your Browser

Go through the following steps to reset your browser to solve the Error 42015 TurboTax on the browser:

  • Firstly, click the Get Started option
  • After that, move to the Regulate panel
  • Then, select the Web Choices button
  • Select the Complex tab option
  • Then, tap the Reset button
  • Finally, follow the prompts and restart your browser.

Fix The Error 42015 TurboTax: Disable Blunder Notifications & Script Debugging

Follow these steps to solve the Error 42015 TurboTax on your device:

  • Open the Web Choice window on your device
  • After that, go to the Complex tab
  • Locate the Disable Script Debugging option
  • Then, select the Disable Script Debugging tab
  • Click on the checkbox next to the Radio button
  • Then, uncheck the Display a notification about each & every script error tab
  • After that, tap OK to save your actions
  • Follow the prompts that appeared on the window
  • Finally, restart your device to save changes.

Fix Error 42015 TurboTax: Download the Manual Update

Go through these instructions to download the TurboTax manually to solve Error 42015 TurboTax.

  • Launch any updated internet web browser on your device
  • After that, visit the official TurboTax website
  • Navigate to the Download section
  • Download the latest update for your device
  • Then, save the file on your storage
  • Create a backup to save the company data and files
  • Uninstall the old TurboTax software from your device
  • Then, double-click on the file to launch the installation window
  • Follow the prompts and tap Install to start the installation process
  • Finally, finish the manual installation process.

How To Backup Your Data

There is a slight chance of losing the tax data in the process. So before proceeding with the steps mentioned above, you should back up the data. Follow these steps in the same order to backup your tax data:

  • Launch the TurboTax software program on your device
  • Select the File button from the top-left corner
  • Choose the Save As tab from the drop-down menu settings
  • Then, select the operating system of your device
  • Select a folder on your file storage to save the backup files
  • Then, change the file name and tap Save
  • Finish the backup process and close TurboTax software
  • Restart the TurboTax program and ensure that the backup file is not corrupted
  • If there is any error, delete the backup file and repeat the same steps.

Sometimes the backup file gets corrupted. To save the data corruption, you must keep the backup file on your device first and then transfer (move or copy) it to a portable device. You can also save the backup file on any portable device.


We recommend you follow this step-by-step procedure to fix Error 42015 TurboTax. You can also use a repair tool to replace the missing or damaged files. The repair tool works if the TurboTax Error code 42015 is generated due to system corruption. You can also consult Wire-it Solutions experts to resolve the complicated accounting software errors. We offer first-hand support for accounting services that suit your business needs.

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