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Error 65535 TurboTax: An Ultimate Guide To Fix It

Error 65535 TurboTax is an unexpected error that mostly appears whenever you try to download or install the TurboTax software. It might be because of various reasons. You may encounter the issue anytime while using the TurboTax software on your device. You can face the issue in any Windows XP, Vista, 10, 8, or 7 operating system. This unexpected error might happen because of various other reasons. It leads to some additional issues. After some time, the device will not be able to perform tasks correctly. The device will ultimately stop at the end.

In this article, you will know how to fix the TurboTax Error code 65535. You can proceed with the solutions we have provided below to fix the error in your device.

What is Error 65535 TurboTax?

The improper installation of TurboTax software can lead you to Error 65535 TurboTax. It is a result of corrupt download and incomplete installation of the TurboTax application. It might occur due to recent software changes.

Several reasons can cause the error:

  • A corrupt version of TurboTax
  • Damaged TurboTax file or data
  • Incomplete Installation
  • System Errors
  • Damaged Windows Registry files
  • Malware or virus attack.

Fix The Error 65535 TurboTax Based On Windows OS

Take a look at the solutions for the error 65535 TurboTax.

Fix Error 65535 TurboTax In Windows XP And Vista

Implement these steps if you are facing the error code:

  • Ensure that you are logged in as an administrator
  • After that, disable the online backup feature
  • Then, disable the antivirus and firewall program
  • Perform the reinstallation or update process
  • Enable antivirus, firewall, and online backup features
  • Restart your Windows device.

Fix Error 65535 TurboTax In Windows 7

Perform these steps if you are getting the error code:

  • Firstly, log in as an administrator
  • After that, disable all security software
  • Then, disable the backup options
  • Update your TurboTax software or re-install the software
  • Finally, re-enable backup and security features.

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Fix Error 65535 TurboTax In Windows 8

Follow the step-by-step instruction to overcome the error code trouble:

  • Select the Taskbar option from the menu
  • Navigate to the Task Manager section
  • Tap More Details to continue further
  • Select the Service tab option
  • Wait for a few minutes until Windows installs a new file
  • Install the TurboTax software on your Windows device.

Fix Error 65535 TurboTax In Windows 10

Follow these recommended steps to fix the error code in Windows 10:

  • Firstly, click on the Taskbar option
  • Navigate to the Task Manager settings
  • Then, click on the Search icon
  • After that, type Intuit service in the search box
  • Press Enter key and select the End Process tab
  • Then, tap Details to proceed further in the process
  • Locate the .exe file on the device storage
  • After that, close the taskbar
  • Finally, reinstall or update the TurboTax software.

Other Methods To Fix Error 65535 TurboTax

Here are a few methods to fix the Error 65535 TurboTax. Make sure to follow all methods until you find a suitable one for yourself.

TurboTax Fixit Tool

TurboTax has created a Fix-it tool to resolve the reported issues on TurboTax. The tool saves a lot of time for its users. Hence, it is the most crucial tool for TurboTax users. For example, the TurboTax Fix-it tool can check the installation file and will fix any issues. It is easy to use because of the setup wizard. It will guide you through the process.

Turn of Task Manager services

Certain services cause TurboTax to install improperly. You can use a task manager to block these services during the installation process. Follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the Start icon
  • Select the Task Manager option from the menu
  • Then, click on the Processes tab
  • Locate and tap MSIexec.exe process and terminate it
  • After that, tap msiexec.exe process and end it
  • Install the TurboTax software
  • Finish the installation process and restart your device.

Terminate the MSIServer service

Go through the following steps to launch the Services window:

  • Press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard at the same time
  • After that, launch the Run dialog box
  • Type services.msc in the search box and press the Enter key
  • Then, locate the MSIServer in the Services window
  • Right-click on the MSIServer option and click on the Properties
  • After that, navigate to the General tab
  • Choose the Automatic startup type
  • Finally, ensure that the service is not running on the device.

Grant Adequate Permissions

You will not run some specific files due to the correct permissions. The installation error 65535 TurboTax might occur because of the same reason. Follow these steps to grant administrative permissions and fix the issue:

  • Open the Taskbar and select the File Manager option
  • Go to C>ProgramData>Intuit>Common
  • Right-click on the Common folder and select the Properties option
  • After that, navigate to the Security tab
  • Click Advanced to launch the Advanced Security Setting Window
  • Locate and tap the Change option next to the Owner tab
  • Then, type your user account in the Group WIndow
  • Click OK to get complete control over the folder
  • Right-click on the folder and tap Properties
  • Navigate to the Security tab and click on the Edit button
  • Then, launch the Permission Entry window
  • Select the account from the list
  • Finally, check the entire control box and click OK.

Scan Your PC

Malware or virus infections can cause installation issues on your device. The antivirus constantly checks for viruses on your computer to eliminate them. After that, restart your device and install the TurboTax software.

Fix Windows Registry Files

Damaged or deleted Windows Registry files can be a problem and cause improper functionality of your operating system. It can lead to the Error 65535 TurboTax. You can use third-party tools or applications to remove any false registry entries. It will solve the issue with your system.


The article will give you detailed information related to Error 65535 TurboTax. You will also get possible causes for the error. Moreover, solutions are also provided to apply them whenever you want. All methods are relevant to fix the Turbotax Error code 65535.

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