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As a state and federal individual tax filing and preparation company, we ‘Wire IT Solutions’ with an experienced and high skilled team of financial specialists who have knowledge in providing Income Tax services. Our highly qualified professionals are excellent at dealing with a massive range of taxation issues, including proportional, progressive, and regressive taxation. For more, our team keeps themselves up to speed on the latest rules and regulations so that they can give their clients accurate and genuine answers.

Self-filling your taxes can be a bit complicated process that can leave you with more questions than answers, as per the report announced last year by the United States government’s general accounting office. The majority of taxpayers, which is around 77 percent of 71 million, feel that engaging with a professional tax preparer benefits them. Whether you prefer it or not, now the tax-related rules and regulations are so complex that even a simple return can be complicated to understand. It is all straightforward to forget about credits and deductions that you are entitled to. There is no choice but the help of any skilled and experienced tax professional, even if you occupy a computer software application. 

Trust us! We at Wire IT Solutions figure out your uniques tax status and any tax issues that arise as your support and trusted counsel. Our aim is to guide you in keeping lower your liabilities and more hard-earned money. Thus, our job is to make you updated on the prevailing state and federal tax laws. We use the best knowledge and understanding of federal & state Tax codes so that we can prepare tax returns. Therefore, you will not be missing out on any deductions and tax rebates you’re entitled to.

We use an in-depth understanding of tax laws to prepare tax returns so you don’t miss any tax rebates or deductions you’re entitled to.

Here are the other services:
  • Individuals Tax Preparation & Filing Services
  • Preparation of filed tax returns
  • The tax calculation for SMEs
  • Tax planning systems that reminisce your personal financial objectives
  • Electronic filing & depositing for a quick tax refund
  • Calculation of the estimated tax & file extensions to counter penalties.


When you file on a calendar year basis and your tax year ends on December 31, your federal personal income tax return is due on April 15. If you use a fiscal year (one that ends on the last day of a month other than December), you have to file your return by the 15th day of the 4th-month end of the financial year. When it falls on a legal holiday like Saturday, Sunday or the due date is moved to the next business day.

You can ask for an extension of up to six months to file a personal income tax return in the U.S. You can request an automatic extension of time for filing a return in 1 to 3 ways. A filing extension isn’t the same as a payment extension. To avoid the late filing penalty, request an extension to file the return by the regular due date.
  • Use IRS Direct Pay, EFTPS: Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, or credit or debit card to pay part of estimated income tax and specify that the payment is for an extension. For records, you will be given a confirmation number.
  • Use a personal computer or a tax professional who uses e-file to e-file Form 4868, U.S. Application for an automatic extension of time for filing a personal income tax return.
  • File a Form 4868.

The IRS promotes timely and accurate estimated tax payments from taxpayers. If you fail to pay the appropriate estimated tax for the year, then it may result in a tax penalty for underpayment of your estimated tax. The underpayment of your estimated tax happens when you do not pay enough state or federal tax during quarterly estimated federal tax payments.

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