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IRS Form 8915-F TurboTax: Instructions To File For 2022

IRS Form 8915-F TurboTax is used for Covid-related distributions. You can fill out TurboTax form 8915-F from TurboTax Online. But, you will not be able to use form 5329. Covid has turned many lives upside down. Internal Revenue Service released TurboTax 8915-F to access the retirement savings earlier. Depending on your retirement account, you will need to report one-third of the total distribution amount.

You are allowed to choose the distribution taxed for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022. The amount will not impact the yearly capital. But, you will have a time of three years to pay back the amount. You will be able to claim the refunds while filing the tax return.

The article includes educational information about the TurboTax 8915-F form. You will get instructions for TurboTax Form 8915-F, distribution details, and help to complete the TurboTax 8915-F.

What Is The Purpose Of IRS Form 8915-F TurboTax?

You could use the TurboTax 8915-F form to receive a distribution impacted by a qualified disaster like Coronavirus. A qualified disaster distribution is defined in the forms 8915-F(2022), 8915-E(2021), 8915-D(2020), and 8915-C(2019). The TurboTax 8915-F also includes instructions to fill out the form.

The additional tax is 10% of simple IRAs to report on form 5329. You may limit the subject to the extra tax. However, you can not repay the following distributions-

  • Received as a beneficiary
  • Required minimum distributions
  • Periodic payments for-
    • Joint lives
    • Life expectancy
    • More than ten years.

IRS Form 8915-F TurboTax- Who Is Qualified?

The form is only for people who are directly affected by the pandemic. Individuals will withdraw the maximum of $100K without facing the 10% early withdrawal penalty. Here are the terms-

  • If you, your dependents, or your spouse have or had Covid-19
  • You are experiencing unfavorable financial conditions due to Covid-19
  • Economic issues due to fewer working hours, quarantine, or any other pandemic effect
  • Unable to work due to child care closure
  • Your business is affected by Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2.

Affected participants may waive the 10% of early withdrawal penalty.

  • Plan loan to borrow more funds
  • Qualified disaster distribution over three years
  • Repay loans for a longer time
  • Repay the amount within three years of amount withdrawal

Steps To Fill Out Form 8915-F TurboTax

Here are the steps to complete the form 8915-F for Covid related distribution:

For A New Client

Here are the steps if the 2020 return was not done in the TurboTax Desktop program:

  • Firstly, choose the Income tab from the main menu
  • Secondly, select IRA or Pension Distribution tab to proceed
  • Then, choose the Other tab and click on the form 8915-F
  • Select the applicable option between Spouse or Taxpayer
  • After that, fill out the year of disaster
  • Finally, choose the plan description from the TurboTax

You need to choose a plan description and other information. Here are the instructions to fill out the following parts.

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Part 2- Disaster Retirement Plan Distributions (Other Than IRA’s)

Follow these steps:

  • Choose amounts from Worksheet 2
  • Enter the appropriate amount from Form 8915-E
  • Fill out the total amount other than the IRA retirement plan in line 9
  • Enter repayments different from IRA in line 10.

Part 3- Disaster Traditional, SIMPLE, SEP, Roth IRA Distributions

Follow these steps:

  • Select Amounts from Worksheet 4
  • Enter the appropriate amounts
  • Fill out the total IRA retirement plan amount in line 17
  • Enter repayments of qualified disaster distributions in line 18.

For Returning Client

If you have previously filled the 2020 return in the TurboTax desktop program, then follow the instruction given below:

  • Firstly, select the Income tab from the main menu
  • Secondly, choose IRA or Pension Distributions option from the menu
  • Click on the Other box at the bottom of the menu
  • After that, choose the form 8915-F option
  • Select Taxpayer or Spouse option from the window
  • Then, tap and select the year of disaster
  • Check the box if the disaster is Coronavirus
  • Then, fill out the required information
  • Finally, complete the tax return process.

IRS Form 8915-F TurboTax- Enter Your 1099-R

Once you get the TurboTax Form 8915-F, please follow these simple steps to enter your form 1099-R:

  • Firstly, launch the TurboTax Online application
  • Secondly, login to your TurboTax account
  • After that, tap on the Search box
  • Then, type 1099-R in the search field
  • Click on the search results and jump to the 1099-R section
  • Navigate to the Your 1099-R Entries screen
  • Then, select the Edit option from the menu
  • Go to the Tell us if any of these uncommon situations apply tab
  • After that, choose the Qualified disaster option from the screen
  • Follow on-screen instructions and review your form
  • Finally, complete your TurboTax Form 8915-F.

IRS Form 8915-F TurboTax- Claim Full Distribution

Elect full distribution and continue to report the entire distribution amount claimed that particular year. You will not have to report any taxable distributions for the following year. On the other hand, if you have chosen the distribution option for over three years, you should not check the 2020 form 8915-F checkbox on line 9 or 17.

IRS Form 8915-F TurboTax- General Instructions

On the top of the IRS form 8915-F TurboTax, you must enter your name, Social Security Number, current address, and other details. Here are the instructions to fill out the following sections:

  • Part-1: Total distributions from all retirement plans (with IRAs)
  • Part-2: Qualified disaster distributions from retirement plans excluding IRAs
  • Part-3: Traditional, SEP, Simple, and IRAs
  • Part-4:Construction or purchase of your home in disaster areas.
  • Sign at the bottom of the second page if you are only filling 8915-F.

IRS Form 8915-F TurboTax- Specific Instructions

Here are a few specific instructions for the IRS Form 8915-F:

Name & SSN

If you are filing a joint return, you need to enter your spouse’s name and social security number. Report the information in TurboTax form 8519-F.

Married Filers

If both you and your spouse are filing form 8519, then you should fill out the separate TurboTax Form 8915-F.

Foreign Address

Enter the city and line of your foreign address. You do not need to enter your full address. Provide the province, country, or state name in the TurboTax Form 8915-F.

Disaster’s Name

Coronavirus is not a disaster, but you can report the qualified distributions for Covid updates. If you are reporting it only for one disaster, not Coronavirus, enter the disaster’s full name. Enter the required details like tribal government, territory, and state.


Part one is only for total distributions from all retirement plans. The retirement plans include IRAs. If you fill the form 8915-C and 8915-D, you must check the worksheet to fill out additional details.

If Reporting Only One Disaster

You are only qualified to fill out one disaster, so enter the distributions made in 2020. If more disasters impact you, use the worksheet to determine the qualifying amount.

If Reporting More Than One Disaster

Use the total distributed disaster amount, and do not use the worksheet to fill out the column. The total amount of your distributions can not exceed the limit of $100000.

IRS Form 8915-F TurboTax- Paperwork Reduction Act & Privacy Act

You can carry out the Internal Revenue laws. The information asked is only to ensure that you are following these laws. IT lets the IRS figure out the right amount of tax. If you have made specific contributions, you need to provide the correct information. You may get penalties if you provide any false or incomplete information. The IRS may share this data and details with cities, states, and districts of the US.


Read the guide mentioned above to fill out the IRS Form 8915-F TurboTax. If you qualify for the TurboTax form 8915-F, then follow the steps mentioned above to fill out the form without any mistake. Consult our experts if you cannot file the TurboTax Form 8915-F independently and are looking for professional help.

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