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QuickBooks Support Plans: The Complete Guide For 2022

QuickBooks support plans are also known as QuickBooks care plans. You can get unlimited access to the support team with QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks for Mac, Premier, and Pro offers the best QuickBooks Support Plan to take care of your supported version. It enhances your QuickBooks Desktop and Online experience. 

You will also get peace of mind with the supported products’ support plan. Data recovery service is also a part of QuickBooks’ annual support plans. The article includes plans & costs for QuickBooks support plans. Go through the article to determine how much QuickBooks premier support plans cost?

What Are The QuickBooks Support Plans?

QuickBooks support plans include tools and features to manage your accounting software. You can customize your QuickBooks experience. It provides a seamless experience to the QuickBooks users. 

Here are the benefits of QuickBooks Premier Support Plans:

  • Customize your QuickBooks Accounting software. 
  • Personalize your QuickBooks Invoices.
  • Generate useful QuickBooks reports.
  • Learn the fundamentals of QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Unlimited support access.
  • Transfer your data easily during the upgrade.

One-Time Support Plan

QuickBooks One-time Support plan is the basic QuickBooks Support plan. It offers tech support for one session. It costs $74.99. 

90-Day Support Plan

QuickBooks 90-Day support plan is a popular QuickBooks Support Plan. You get 90-days of support with this plan. You can recover files in case of data damage. The feature also recovers your first file.

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Annual Support Plan

QuickBooks Technical Support Plans also include an annual support plan. It offers one full year of support. Quickbooks charges $299.99 for the annual support plan. 

Pro Plus Annual

QuickBooks Annual plan includes the Pro Plus Annual plan. It has additional features along with the Annual support plan. The plan features 24/7 access to the QuickBooks experts support team. You can also backup the company files and data with the help of Intuit Data Protect. It helps you get the latest QuickBooks upgrades along with the release. Pro Plus Annual plan costs $349.99 per year.

Premier Plus Annual

QuickBooks Support Plan (Premier Plus Annual) offers 24/7 access to the support team and the QuickBooks expert team. Premier Plus Annual plan also includes Intuit Data Protect feature. It helps you create a backup for your company files and data. You will also get the latest upgrades for your QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Mac accounting software. It costs you $549.99 for a year.

Mac Annual Support Plan

Mac Annual Support Plan offers one full year of support. You will get a basic support plan for your QuickBooks accounting software. The Mac Annual Support Plan costs $299.99 per year.

Mac Plus Annual

The Mac Plus Annual is one of the best Mac QuickBooks Support Plans. It offers 24/7 access to the QuickBooks expert support. It also ensures that you get the latest QuickBooks accounting software upon release. You will have to pay $349.99 yearly for the Mac Plus Annual plan.

Advantages Of QuickBooks Support Plans

A subscription to QuickBooks Support Plans includes direct support from the QuickBooks support team or experts. The QuickBooks care plan also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, the latest upgrades, and automatic backup. If you choose an annual plan, you will have to renew the subscription after one year. It offers access to the QuickBooks accounting software.

Automatic Product Updates

Active QuickBooks support plans provide product updates for QuickBooks products. You will get the training in yearly care plans. 

Data Protection & Backup

QuickBooks online backup requires internet access. It also allows you to restore the changes and company files. You will get this feature in Premier Plus, Pro Plus, and Standard subscriptions. You can create a backup for up to 45 days in the cloud. QuickBooks backup tool includes AES 256-bit data encryption.  On the other hand, it is not included in QuickBooks for Mac and Online. Firstly, you need to set up Intuit Data Protect on your PC or device. After that, ensure that you have set it up on a single computer. QuickBooks ensures proper functioning.
Data Recovery
You can recover your QuickBooks data after QuickBooks Support Plans’ cancellation. If you are using any hosting services, check the backup & sync option in your hosting provider tab. QuickBooks’ care support team is available 24/7 to help you. 

Final Words

You can also visit the QuickBooks Support site to get additional support. Go to the FAQs section and find your query to resolve the issue. You can also use the Self-Help feature with QuickBooks Support Plans. It allows you to access the QuickBooks community page and resolve your query. You can call our experts to manage your QuickBooks account, get order status, perform tasks, and fix the issues. Wire-it Solution also offers professional accounting services to help you grow your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you use any QuickBooks product, you can use QuickBooks premier support plans to get additional support. It increases the QuickBooks accounting software experience. You can choose the best plan according to your usage. You can use the support plans to get the latest upgrade, Intuit Data Backup, and other features. 

Here is the price list of QuickBooks Support plans:

  • One-time Support Plan- $74.99
  • 90-Day Support Plan- $124.99
  • Annual Support Plan- $299.99
  • Pro Plus Annual Plan- $349.99
  • Premier Plus Annual- $549.99
  • Mac Annual Support Plan- $299.99
  • Mac Plus Annual- $349.99

Here are the main benefits of QuickBooks Technical Support plans:

  • Choose your payment plan
  • Automatic Updates
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Protection
  • Online Backup.

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