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Quicken Connectivity Problems Resolved In 5 Easy Steps

Quicken Connectivity Problems occur whenever the Quicken accounting software is unable to establish an internet connection between your device and servers. Moreover, you can also get some specific error code on your screen whenever the connectivity problem occurs in the accounting software. If you receive one of the below-mentioned error codes on your screen, then your device has connectivity problems:

  • Quicken Error OL-295
  • Error OL-296
  • Quicken Error OL-297

The Connectivity Problems in your Quicken accounting software do not indicate that the device has no internet connection. It simply shows that your Quicken accounting software is unable to establish an active internet connection from its servers.

This article includes a complete guide to fixing your PC’s connectivity problems (OL-295, OL-296, OL-297). Here are the particular conditions that may prevent Quicken accounting software from connecting to the server and online services.

Quicken Connectivity Problems- Reasons Behind The Error

Here are the two main problems preventing Quicken accounting software from establishing an active internet connection.

  • Security & Privacy programs are not configured correctly.
  • Slow internet connection
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Web browser can’t establish a connection
  • The Quicken antivirus app is outdated.

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Fix Quicken Connectivity Problems- Check Connection Speed

If you are actively getting the Quicken connectivity problems, you can check your connection speed. You can conduct the speed test through Google. Follow these steps to perform a speed test:

  • Close all the background applications and software
  • Launch updated Google Chrome web browser
  • After that, click on the URL box
  • Type Internet Speed Test in the search field
  • Then, press the Enter key to complete the search
  • Read the details and privacy policy mentioned on the result page
  • Tap the RUN SPEED TEST tab to start the testing
  • After that, conduct the Upload and Download speed tests
  • After the test, you will get the upload & download speed, latency, and server location.

Quicken accounting software requires a minimum 25Mbps downloading speed to run the accounting software correctly.

Fix Quicken Connectivity Problems- Configure Security & Privacy Programs

Before configuring security and privacy programs, make sure that there is no issue with the internet connection. You can establish an internet connection between Quicken and online services. If you cannot access the internet on your PC, then some privacy or security programs might block access to the secure sites.

Firewall Settings

A firewall enables users to control and manage their computer’s program. It can also access your online activity. A firewall is also an essential security tool, and sometimes it can prevent Quicken from accessing the internet.

Pop-Up Blockers

Pop-Up Blockers can easily interfere with Quicken’s online account services. Action Cancelled and User Canceled Session are the two standard error messages. You should turn off the pop-up blocker (if you have any) before downloading the details of the transactions.

Spyware And Adware Protection

Spyware protection programs keep track of your online activities and internet usage. Some spyware programs also attempt to capture personal information. On the other hand, Adware protection programs provide a facility to track internet usage. Some programs display pop-up ads based on internet activities.

Spyware and Adware protection programs may restrict connectivity.

Fix Quicken Connectivity Problems- Restore The Browser’s Default Settings

Cookie management and privacy management programs can also override the internet connection settings. Quicken Connectivity Problems can be fixed by restoring the default settings. Financial institutions use cookies during the banking sessions, and it changes the default setting of your internet web browser. You will have to change the privacy settings to delete the internet cookies. It is recommended to restore the default setting of your internet web browser.

Go through the following instructions to fix the Quicken error code:

  • Click on the Start icon from the desktop menu
  • After that, click the Search icon
  • Type Control Panel in the search field
  • Then, choose Control Panel settings from the menu
  • Select the Network and Internet tab from the list
  • Click Internet Options to proceed
  • After that, navigate to the Security tab
  • Click on the Internet icon to continue further in the process
  • Select the Default Level option from the current window
  • Then, tap OK to confirm your action
  • Finally, tap Apply to make changes.

However, if you won’t restore the browser’s default settings, you have another option. You can customize the browser’s privacy and security settings manually.

Fix Quicken Connectivity Problems- Check For A Specific Error Code

Every Quicken connectivity problem displays a specific error code on your device’s display. You can find the particular Quicken error code on the web to get the troubleshooting steps.

  1. Quicken Error OL-295
  2. Error OL-296
  3. Quicken Error OL-297

These errors occur whenever your device is unable to establish an internet connection with Quicken servers. A server outage can create the Quicken connectivity problem. You can update your internet security settings to fix the issue. Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Start menu icon or press the Start button on your keyboard
  • Locate and open the Windows Systems folder in the Start menu
  • Navigate to the Control Panel settings
  • After that, click the Network and Internet option from the list
  • Go to the Internet Options tab
  • Then, tap the Advanced tab to continue
  • Check and verify the TLS 1.2
  • After that, click the Apply tab to save changes
  • Then, tap OK to confirm your actions
  • Finally, complete the on-screen instructions and update the Quicken app.

Fix Quicken Connectivity Problems- Update The Quicken App

If you are using an older version of Quicken accounting software, you should install the latest version. It downloads and installs a free patch release whenever you update the Quicken accounting software. The latest version grants new features and additional services. It might resolve the Quicken Connectivity Problems in your device. Go through these simple steps:

  • Firstly, launch the Quicken accounting software application
  • After that, locate and select the Help option in the application window
  • Then, select the Check For Updates option from the list
  • A prompt will appear on your display if there is an update
  • Tap Yes to download and install the latest patches
  • Tap Exit to run the update program
  • Finally, restart the Quicken application after successful installation.

Your work and data files will be safe during the installation process. However, you can also install the latest version from the official website. In short, you can manually download the update.


We have stated the reasons and methods to fix Quicken Connectivity Problems. The above solutions will fix the error. If you cannot troubleshoot the Quicken error code for any reason, you can consult our expert to fix it immediately.

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