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Quicken Error CC-555 (Solved In 3 Simple Steps)

The Quicken Error CC-555 is an error that arises whenever you try to retrieve all the financial data but cannot do so. You will see the particular error code on your computer screen. You may encounter the same issue in the case of a malware threat. However, this kind of error is common for the Quicken accounting software user. Generally, the error CC-555 also occurs due to connectivity issues between Quicken software and banks. It is better to find out symptoms and reasons before troubleshooting the error. In short, you need to identify the possible causes of the error.

The error message is displayed when a financial institution prevents Quicken from retrieving data from the server by blocking the access. Access blocked issues might generate because of server maintenance and high traffic. Here are a few solutions to fix the Quicken Error CC-555. Here are the leading causes of Quicken Error CC-555:

  • Quicken is unable to retrieve data from the server
  • Memory issue on your device.
  • Bad quality of your graphics drivers
  • Virus or malware attack
  • An issue on the Bank’s server.

Fix The Quicken Error CC-555- Wait For 24 Hours

If you are facing the error for the first time, then you need to wait for 24 hours. After that, you need to update your Quicken account. In short, you can try the Quicken connection again after 24 hours. However, if you are still facing the error code after 24 hours, you can follow the other methods to fix the error code.

In most cases, the Quicken Error CC-555 is resolved after one day. The error might arise due to the temporary server outage. As a result, you should try to update your Quicken accounts after 12 or 24 hours.

Fix The Quicken Error CC-555- Contact Your Bank

You can use the method to solve Quicken Error CC-555. Firstly, you should wait for 24 hours, and the error may resolve automatically. However, if the error code still exists after 24 hours, then you definitely need to contact your bank for the related issue. Make sure that bank servers are working and there are no restrictions on the bankside.

You will have to eliminate the error code by accessing the bank server. Ensure that bank servers are not blocked due to maintenance of servers or high traffics. On the other hand, if you are still facing the issue, proceed further to fix the error.

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Fix The Quicken Error CC-555- Deactivate & Reactivate

If you are facing any issue for more than 24 hours and bank servers are working, or the bank has fixed the problem from their side, you should deactivate and reactivate quicken accounts in Quicken software. The step includes two processes, deactivation & reactivation. You can use the method to solve Quicken Error CC-555.


These are the steps to finish the deactivation process of your account:

  • Go to the Tools tab
  • Secondly, navigate to the Account List
  • After that, tap the Quicken account from a list
  • Tap Edit to edit the Quicken account settings
  • Tap the Online Services tab in the application window
  • Click on the Deactivate option in the drop-down menu
  • Tap OK to confirm your action
  • Complete the deactivation process of the Quicken account.


Go through these basic steps to finalize the reactivation process of the Quicken account:

  • Navigate to the Tools tab from the dashboard
  • Secondly, go to the Account section
  • Select the deactivated account from the account list
  • After that, you need to select the Edit option from the drop-down menu
  • Tap on the Online Services option
  • Select the Set up Now option from the window
  • Enter the required details like username and password
  • Make sure that the login details are correct
  • Tap the Connect option from the menu
  • Follow on-screen prompts to continue
  • Link your Quicken account.

Tips Before Following The Above Methods

Create a Quicken data backup before attempting the deactivation and activation process. It is always good to back up your essential Quicken files. You can easily backup the Quicken data into any USB drive, CD, and DVD. The backup file might prevent losing the important data or files if the computer or application crashes. You can also use Dropbox to store the Quicken data backups.

Backup Quicken Data File

Go through these steps to back up the quicken data file to any external source or your computer device:

  • Insert the external media files into your device
  • Launch the Quicken software
  • Open the data file that you want to back up
  • Press the Ctrl and B keys simultaneously to launch the backup window
  • Select the File menu from the application window
  • Click on the Copy or Backup File option
  • After that, select Create a Complete Backup tab
  • Tap Next to continue
  • Select Change to go to the media and directory
  • Tap the Save Backup option to start the backup process
  • Wait for a few minutes until you get a confirmation of successful backup
  • Move it to your external drive

You can also create another backup copy by following the steps mentioned above.

Restore The Quicken Data File

These step-by-step instructions will help you to restore a Quicken data file:

  • Connect your external drive or any other backup media
  • Select the File tab from the main menu
  • Tap Backup and Restore to proceed further
  • Select the Restore from Backup file option
  • The Restore from Backup File screen will appear on your screen
  • Choose Restore from Automatic Backup to restore a backup created automatically
  • Choose Restore from Backup to restore a backup created by you
  • After that, tap Browse to locate the backup files
  • Select the backup files
  • Tap the Restore Backup option to continue
  • Quicken software will overwrite the current file.

Preserve the financial information by backing up your Quicken data. The financial information includes attachments, accounts, passwords, and reports. It is the safest way to secure your records in case of system failure. You can also move the backup file from one PC to another.


You can easily fix or resolve the Quicken Error CC-555. We have mentioned possible solutions to fix the error. You will get a better understanding of causes and solutions by going through the complete article.

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