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Quicken Error CC-585 (Fixed In 4 Simple Methods)

You may encounter some unexpected errors like Quicken Error CC-585 while using the Quicken accounting software. Quicken is one of the best accounting software to grow your business or manage your finances. The accounting software manages all your finances, and it has various features & functionalities.

Quicken Error 585 occurs whenever you try to access any online services on Quicken software. It is a kind of run time error. As a result, you will not be able to work on the Quicken company files because of the system freezing issue.

In this article, we will inform you about the three simple methods to fix the Quicken Error code CC-585. The article covers a guide, reasons, symptoms, and methods to fix the Quicken error. Walk through the whole article to resolve the error code.

Fix The Quicken Error CC-585- Update The Quicken App

You can resolve the Quicken Error CC-585 by updating the Quicken software. Go through these basic steps:

  • Firstly, click on the Start menu icon
  • Select the Tools option
  • Then, locate and tap the One Step Update tool
  • Click the Update Now option
  • Follow on-screen prompts to update the Quicken software
  • Then, close the Quicken application
  • Select the Help button and check for the Quicken version
  • Finally, make sure that updates are installed.

Fix The Quicken Error CC-585- Check The Bank’s Server

Follow these steps to fix the Quicken Error CC-585 by checking the financial institution’s website:

  • Firstly, launch any updated and secure internet browser
  • Visit your official bank site
  • Navigate to the Login menu
  • Enter the bank’s ID and password to complete the login process
  • Make sure that you have entered the correct login details
  • Enter the mandatory details and tap Continue
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and refresh your account details
  • Now, launch the Quicken software on your device
  • Then, select your account from the list
  • Finally, log in to the Quicken account.

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 Fix The Quicken Error CC-585- Refresh Account Details

Refreshing the account details may fix the Quicken error CC-585 on your device. Follow the step-by-step process given below:

  • First of all, press the Ctrl, Shift, and N keys simultaneously
  • Launch the Account Register window
  • Then, navigate to the Update Now option
  • Select the Update Now tab to continue
  • Follow the on-screen prompts
  • Finally, refresh the account information successfully

 Fix The Quicken Error CC-585- Deactivate & Reactivate

You can fix the Quicken error CC-585 by deactivating & reactivating the Quicken accounts that are facing the issue. You can complete this step in three stages. Go through the following step-by-step process:

  • Deactivate The Quicken Account

These steps will help you to fix the Quicken Error CC-585 by deactivating the Quicken account.

  • Go to Tools menu from dashboard
  • Select the Account List option
  • Choose the account facing the same issue from the list
  • After that, tap Edit to proceed further
  • Go to the Online Services tab
  • Then, click on the Deactivate option
  • Select the Yes option
  • Finally, tap OK to continue and click Done

Validate & Repair

This step will ensure that your Quicken files are safe. Follow the instructions to Validate and Repair your Quicken files:

  • Locate and select the File tab
  • Select the File Operations button
  • Tap Validate and Repair to proceed further
  • After that, click on the Validate File option
  • Tap OK to continue and confirm your actions
  • Save the Quicken account transactions by tapping Yes
  • Then, Quicken will begin the Validation process
  • After the successful validation, launch the Data Log notepad
  • Open the notepad and point out the errors
  • If there is no error on the notepad, go through the next step.

Reactivate The Quicken Account

Here is the easy-to-understand instructions to reactivate the Quicken account:

  • Launch the Quicken application
  • Click on the Tools tab and go to the Account List
  • Locate and select the account associated with the issue
  • Click the Online Services tab to continue further
  • After that, select Set up Now
  • Enter the login credentials of your financial institution
  • If you want to save the password, then tick the checkbox
  • Then, you might need to enter the Quicken account login details
  • Ensure that you have entered the correct details
  • Then, tap Connect to link your Quicken account
  • Finish the process by linking the bank details instead of adding it
  • Tap Next to proceed further in the next step
  • Finally, tap Finish to complete the process

The above steps will definitely solve the Quicken Error CC-585 from your device. However, only one method might work for you. You should keep trying all the methods one by one until you find the correct method for you. Each method depends upon the reason behind the error code.

Possible Causes Of Quicken Error CC-585

Here are the leading causes of Quicken Error CC-585:

  • Bank’s server issue
  • Incorrect Bank credentials
  • Update information on bank websites
  • Outdated Quicken application
  • Unable to refresh online account information
  • Damaged Windows Registry files.

How To Create & Restore Quicken Data Backup

Here is the step-by-step process to create and restore the Quicken data backup file. Go through the instructions given below to learn how to create & restore Quicken data backup files:

Create Data Backup

These instructions will help you to create Quicken data backup files:

  • Close all the other applications running on the device
  • After that, lunch the Quicken software program
  • Open the data file that you want to back up
  • Then, select the File Menu option
  • Tap Backup to continue further in the process
  • Then, select the Browse option to choose storage or path to save the backup file
  • Tap OK to start the Quicken backup process
  • Wait for a few minutes and tap OK after a successful backup

Restore Data Backup

You can view the backed-up data by restoring the Quicken backup files. Follow these steps to restore the Quicken backup files:

  • Choose the File menu tab
  • After that, select the Restore option
  • Choose the Browse option
  • Select the Quicken backup file from the files manager
  • Then, tap OK to overwrite the current file
  • Rename the file to preserve the existing file
  • Finish the backup files restoration process
  • Finally, tap OK after successful restoration of the backup files

Restoring a backup file will replace the current data with backed-up data. As a result, you may lose important files. You can rename one of the files to prevent this issue.


Quicken Error CC-585 is a run-time error that occurs whenever Quicken fails or crashes or the incomplete installation of Quicken software. All your queries can be answered after reading the whole article. You should always use the latest version of Quicken accounting software before following the methods mentioned above.

Sometimes, updating to the latest version may solve the error code automatically. However, if you are still facing the error code, then you can consult Wire-it Solutions to solve any errors related to the accounting and business management software.

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