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Quicken Error OL 221-B (Guide & 7 Methods To Fix It)

Quicken Error OL 221-B is a run time error. It arises when the software crashes while running on the system. Quicken is one of the best financial management tools for small to medium-sized businesses. Before implementing solutions for the error code, you must find out the real reasons behind the issue.

In this article, we have described the various methods to fix or troubleshoot the error code. You can also use the various tools to fix the error code, but if you are looking for effective ways to fix the error, follow the methods and resolve the error 221-B from the root. Here are the leading reasons and signs of the error code.

Quicken Error OL 221-B- Leading Reasons

Here is the list of leading reasons for Quicken error:

  • Infected system files
  • Infected Quicken program files
  • Deleted Quicken company files
  • Corrupted Windows registry files
  • Incomplete installation

Quicken Error OL 221-B- Signs

Here are the signs of Quicken Error OL 221-B:

  • PC freezes for a few seconds
  • The operating system gives a sluggish response
  • PC crashes while running Quicken program
  • Error message with code on your screen

Follow the step-by-step methods mentioned below to troubleshoot the error code 221-B

Quicken Error OL 221-B- Close Conflicting Programs

Conflicting programs may create issues for your Quicken application. You should resolve the issue as soon as possible. Follow the step-by-step process to close conflicting programs:

  • Firstly, close all the running third-party apps
  • Right-click on the Start or Windows icon
  • After that, tap Task Manager to proceed
  • Open the Processes tab to get the list of programs
  • Click the Stop the programs option from the main window
  • Then, select the End Process option from the window
  • Finally, ensure that the error has been resolved.

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Quicken Error OL 221-B- Update Third-party Apps

Update or reinstall third-party applications or programs to fix the Quicken error code. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, click on the Start button
  • Then, go to the Control Panel settings
  • Select Uninstall a program option from the window
  • Choose your program from the list
  • After that, click the Update or Uninstall option
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process
  • Finally, restart your device and relaunch the software after completing the process.

Quicken Error OL 221-B- Install Latest Windows Update

Older Windows operating systems can not run new and latest apps properly. You should update them for better performance. Go through the step-by-step process to install the Windows update:

  • Firstly, connect your PC with an active internet connection
  • Click on the Start menu icon and open the Settings menu
  • Then, select the Update and Security tab to continue
  • Click Check for Updates to get the latest updates
  • After that, you will get a prompt for the latest updates
  • Tap Download & Install to download the latest Windows updates
  • Then, wait for a few minutes to finish the installation process
  • Finally, click Restart to apply the changes on your PC.

Quicken Error OL 221-B- Reinstall Microsoft Libraries

You can reinstall the Microsoft runtime libraries by the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, close all the running apps
  • Secondly, uninstall the Microsoft package
  • Click on the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package
  • After that, right-click on the file icon
  • Tap Uninstall to proceed further in the process
  • Then, follow the instructions displayed on your screen
  • Finalize the uninstallation process and restart your PC
  • Download the latest C++ Redistributable package from the official site
  • Launch your file and select the Run as Administrator option
  • Finally, install the latest package on your device.

Quicken Error OL 221-B- Run Disk Cleanup

Junk files and folders can generate problems on your PC. Follow the steps mentioned below to run disk cleanup application on your PC-

  • Firstly, create a backup of your data files
  • Save the backup into an external storage
  • Clear the cache files and reboot your system
  • Then, open the explorer window on your PC
  • Select the main directory of your PC
  • After that, go to the Properties tab
  • Select the Disk Cleanup option from the window
  • Choose your storage and type of files
  • Tap Next and follow on-screen instructions
  • Finally, tap OK to clean your disk.

Quicken Error OL 221-B- Reinstall The Graphics Driver

Sometimes your graphics driver can reduce the performance of your PC, which can lead you to the Quicken Error OL 221-B. Here are the instructions to reinstall your graphics driver:

  • First of all, launch the device manager application on your PC
  • Locate and find the Graphics Driver option from the window
  • Then, right-click on the Video card driver option to continue
  • After that, choose the Uninstall option from the drop-down window
  • Finally, restart your PC to apply changes.

Quicken Error OL 221-B- Disable Script Debugging

Disable the script debugging on your PC to fix the error code. Follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, navigate to the Advanced tab from the dashboard
  • Then, search for the Disable Script Debugging option
  • Click on the Radio button next to the debugging option
  • Uncheck the Display notification box to proceed
  • After that, select the Apply button to save changes
  • Select the OK option to confirm your actions
  • Finally, reboot your PC to disable script debugging.


The blog covers causes, signs, and various methods to fix the Quicken Error OL 221-B. The troubleshooting methods include Script debugging, reinstallation of the graphics driver, disk cleanup, etc. You can quickly resolve the issue with the help of the methods stated above. If you can’t fix the error yourself, you can consult professionals. Wire-it Solutions offers software support to help you grow the company instantly.

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