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Quicken Error OL-293-A (Fixed In 8 Simple Methods)

The Quicken Error OL-293-A displays that your Quicken program is not getting the correct information from the bank server. You may encounter the same error code while updating your bank accounts due to the wrong bank credentials. It might be because of a slow internet connection. You should find out the potential causes of the error to implement troubleshooting methods. Several factors are responsible for the Quicken error code OL-293-A. Here is the list of leading causes of the error:

  • An old version of Quicken error
  • Incorrect Quicken account password
  • Inactivated Quicken online services
  • Temporary server issues

We will look at different troubleshooting methods to fix the Quicken Error Code OL-293-A. Follow the instructions given below to fix the error:

Fix Quicken Error OL-293-A- Update Quicken Software

Follow the steps mentioned below to update your Quicken software:

  • Firstly, launch Quicken software on your PC
  • After that, locate and tap the Help tab
  • Then, select Check for Updates to proceed
  • If there is any update, you will get a notification
  • Tap Yes to download & install the latest release
  • Finalize the installation process and relaunch the Quicken program.

Fix Quicken Error OL-293-A- Refresh Banking Information

Here are the instructions to refresh your Quicken online banking information:

  • Firstly, open the Quicken program
  • After that, navigate to the Account section
  • Select your Quicken company account from the list
  • Click on the Gear icon next to the account’s name
  • Select the Update Now option to proceed
  • After that, add a password for your bank
  • Then, click the Update Now button to update
  • Finally, follow the prompts and refresh online banking information.

Fix Quicken Error OL-293-A- Verify Quicken Account Services

Follow these simple steps to verify account services in your Quicken program:

  • First of all, open Quicken program
  • After that, go to the Tools section
  • Select Accounts tab and open account list
  • Then, choose your Company’s account from the list
  • Tap the Edit option and navigate to the Account Details section
  • Make changes to match the info in account settings
  • Finally, connect to your bank servers.

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Fix Quicken Error OL-293-A- Verify Quicken Password

Here are the steps to verify your Quicken password:

  • Firstly, launch the Quicken program on your PC and go to the Tools tab
  • Then, select the One-Step Update option from the drop-down menu
  • Uncheck all the options in the financial institution account
  • Tap the Key icon next to the account
  • Add your Quicken account password
  • Finally, select the Update Now

Fix Quicken Error OL-293-A- Update Quicken Accounts

Here are the instructions to update Quicken accounts:

  • Firstly, log out from your Quicken account
  • Close all the accounts associated with software
  • After that, wait for 24 hours
  • Then, update your Quicken account
  • Finally, handle your banking operations.

Fix Quicken Error OL-293-A- Deactivate & Reactivate Accounts

Account deactivation does not cause any data loss. Follow these steps to deactivate your Quicken accounts:

  • Firstly, launch the Quicken software and tap the Tools option
  • Go to the Account List section
  • Click on the Edit option next to your account
  • Tap the Online Services option
  • Then, tap Deactivate to proceed
  • After that, select the Yes option from the menu
  • Tap OK to confirm your action
  • Finally, click Done to deactivate your Quicken account.

Here are the steps to reactivate the deactivated account:

  • Firstly, launch the Quicken account
  • Go to the Tools section
  • Tap the Add Account option from the list
  • Choose your account type (Savings, Checking, etc.)
  • Click on the Advanced Setup option to continue
  • After that, enter the bank’s name in the required field
  • Then, tap Next to add the bank
  • Choose a connection method and tap Next to continue
  • Enter the Username & Password and click Connect
  • Link your accounts with existing accounts in the Quicken program
  • Finally, follow the prompts and tap Finish to finalize.

Things To Consider Before Following The Methods

Creating a Quicken data file backup before considering any troubleshooting steps mentioned above. With the help of a backup file, you can restore your essential data and files. Here is the step-by-step process to create a backup file:

  • Firstly, launch the Quicken accounting software
  • Tap the File option from the top left corner
  • Tap Copy or Backup File option from the drop-down window
  • Choose the option to backup your data
  • Select Computer or External Drive option from the window
  • Click on the checkbox next to Add Date To Backup File Name
  • Tap Change to select backup file location on your device storage
  • Then, choose the folder to save your backup file
  • Finally, click Save to confirm and tap Backup Now to create a backup file.

You may also need to turn off the automatic download transaction feature before deactivating a Quicken account. It is only to avoid duplication of transactions into the account. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Firstly, launch the Quicken accounting software
  • Select Quicken account from the list
  • Click the Edit tab next to the account
  • Go to the Preferences tab to continue
  • Click on the Downloaded Transactions option
  • Locate and uncheck the Automatically add to banking registers checkbox
  • Then, click OK to confirm your actions
  • Finally, apply the settings made on your Quicken account.


Quicken Error OL-293-A arises due to multiple reasons like un-updated software, incorrect bank login details, slow internet connection, etc. The article provides various methods to solve the error code. Above mentioned methods are effective in resolving the error code. Follow the steps in the correct way to fix the 293-A error code. If you can not solve the error code yourself, consult experts. Wire-it Solutions offers additional support services for the growth of your business.

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