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Quicken Is Currently Unable To Verify The Financial Institution

The error code “Quicken is currently unable to verify the Financial Institution” is one of the common errors. You may see the error code whenever you are unable to confirm the financial institution’s information. If you have entered incorrect login credentials, you may also encounter the same issue. Quicken accounting software is one of the advanced financial managing software. It also allows users to get a computer-based documentation and management system. You may encounter various glitches while using the Quicken accounting software. Quicken error code is easy to fix. The blog includes reasons behind the Quicken error. We will also discuss various methods to resolve the Quicken error issue. Read the blog to terminate such problems instantly. You can quickly remove the Quicken error code by following the instructions below.

Quicken Is Currently Unable To Verify The Financial Institution- Reasons

Here are a few reasons behind the “Quicken is currently unable to verify the financial institution” error code.

  • Your Financial institution does not support the selected Quicken account type
  • Financial institution’s login credentials are incorrect
  • Your financial institution does not support the latest release of the Quicken app
  • Your system or device has incorrect time and date settings.

If you are able to deal with these kinds of error codes, and you want instant quality service, then follow the below-stated instructions appropriately.

Use The Latest Version Of Quicken

The old version of Quicken accounting software may be the reason behind the issue. If you are currently using the previous versions of Quicken accounting software, then it can generate additional issues. As a result, your Quicken accounting software should be updated. Follow these steps to ensure that you are using the latest version of Quicken or not.

  • Firstly, launch the Quicken accounting software
  • After that, enter your Quicken ID and password
  • Complete the Quicken login process
  • Select the Help option from Dashboard
  • Then, navigate to the Check For Updates tab
  • If there are any latest updates, you will get a prompt
  • Follow on-screen instructions to download the updates
  • Tap Yes to install the Quicken updates
  • Finally, click Exit or relaunch the application to finalize updates.

If the “Quicken is currently unable to verify the Financial Institution” error code is still not resolved after updating the Quicken accounting software to the latest version, you should try to refresh your bank account details.

Refresh Your Account Information With The Bank

If you are facing the “Quicken is currently unable to verify the financial institution” error code, then refresh your Quicken account information with the bank. It will fix the Quicken error code on your device. Follow the prompts:

  • Firstly, select the Tools menu
  • After that, select an Online Center
  • Then, click on the drop-down arrow
  • Choose the Financial institution from the list
  • Press the Ctrl + Shift key to select the contact info
  • Then, select anyone account linked with the bank account
  • After that, choose the profile from the list
  • Tap refresh to update profile and branding information
  • Click OK to confirm your actions
  • Finally, press the Update or Send button to continue.

If the “Quicken is currently unable to verify the Financial Institution” error code still persists, then you can try the Deactivation & Reactivation method to fix it.

Deactivate And Reactivate Quicken Account

Quicken is currently unable to verify the financial institution error code can be resolved through deactivating and reactivating the Quicken account.

Deactivate Your Quicken Account

Follow the prompts to deactivate the Quicken account:

  • Firstly, launch the Quicken accounting software
  • Then, go to the Tools section
  • Navigate to the Account List
  • After that, choose the Quicken account from the list
  • Tap the Edit option next to the quicken account
  • Go to the Account Details window
  • Navigate to the Online Services tab
  • Then, click on the Deactivate option
  • Click Yes to confirm your action and disable your service
  • Finally, tap OK to finalize the process.

Reactivate Your Quicken Account

Go through the step-by-step process to reactivate your Quicken account:

  • Firstly, launch the Tools menu
  • Tap Account List to get the list of your Quicken account
  • After that, click on the Edit option next to the Quicken account
  • Select the Online Services option from the list
  • Then, tap Set Up Now to continue further
  • Enter your login credentials like User ID and Password
  • Click Connect to proceed further in the process
  • Choose the Link option instead of Add
  • Finally, tap Next to finish the process.

If the Deactivation & Reactivation method could not fix the “Quicken is currently unable to verify the Financial Institution” error code, you should ensure that the date and time are set correctly on your system.

Date And Time Setup

Ensure that Time and Date settings in your device are correct. Follow the step-by-step process to change your time and date setting.

  • Firstly, check the time and date on your device
  • Right-click on the Start menu icon
  • After that, click the Run option from the opened window
  • Tap the search box and type Control Panel
  • Then, click OK or hit the Enter key
  • Select the Date and Time option from the menu
  • After that, click Change date and time to proceed further
  • Select the Clock and Region option from the menu
  • Change the date and time according to your time zone
  • Finally, tap OK to confirm and save your changes.

Supported Quicken Products

Here is the list of Quicken products and the discontinuation policy.

Quicken ProductDiscontinuation Date
Quicken for Mac 2007 & 2007 for LionSupport policy on Quicken website
Quicken 2015 CanadaMay 2018
Quicken 2015 (Windows & Mac)April 2018
Quicken 2016 CanadaMay 2019
Quicken 2016 (Windows & Mac)April 2019
Quicken 2017 (Windows & Mac)April 2020
Quicken Subscription ProductDuration of your subscription plan


Follow the steps mentioned in every method to resolve the “Quicken is currently unable to verify the financial institution” error code. The elaborate steps will help you fix the Quicken error code instantly. However, if you are not able to fix the error code on your own, then consult experts from Wire-it Solutions. The Wire IT Solutions is a perfect partner to focus on expanding your business. It offers Individual tax preparation, tax filing, year-end finalization services, and Bookkeeping Services.

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