Wire-IT Solutions

Our Valuable Services


Bookkeeping Service

Wire-IT Solutions professionally manages Bookkeeping, Periodic Financial Statements, Cash Flow, and Reconciliation. It has a team of experienced professional accountants who will assist you in your bookkeeping services as per international standards.


Year End Finalization Service

Wire-IT Solutions delivers Year-End Finalization services because when it has come to year-end and closing of accounting books, it is always messy and big at the same time. It requires patience, knowledge, and professional experience, mainly due to completing the accounting.


Individual Tax Preparations and Filling services

Filing your taxes can be a daunting undertaking that leaves you with more questions than answers. Life has full of unexpected twists and turns. Unforeseen events and updates often affect Individual Tax Preparation and Filing.

Registered office :
1900 N Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33132