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TurboCASH Reviews, Features, And Alternatives

TurboCASH is an open-source business accounting software for small businesses. It helps with invoicing, budgeting, inventory management, and more. TurboCASH accounting software supports multiple taxations, currencies, and languages. You will get timely updates whenever guidelines or rules change for taxation.It follows GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Small and Mid-size companies are the primary users of the TurboCASH accounting software. You may use it to exert an active role in an organization’s financial services for various businesses like private academies, restaurants, accounting auditors, and consultants. In this article, you will get detailed information related to TurboCASH accounting software.

What Is TurboCASH Accounting Software?

TurboCASH accounting software was first released in July 2003 under GNU General Public License. The accounting software requires annual subscription fees and it is aimed at small to mid-sized business markets. The main functions include financial reports, transaction posts, and general ledger. Developers can extend the system by using plugin technology.

Available for: Cloud, Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and On-Premise.

Support: 24 X 7

Training: Documentation

Features: Tax Management, Invoice, Billings, etc.

TurboCASH starts as a single-user application that runs anywhere. You can insert documents and journals and the annual subscription plan lets you run on Windows Cloud Delivery, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Web Services, and Desktops. Moreover, here are more details about TurboCASH Accounting services.

TurboCASH 4

Accounting is crucial for your business and TurboCASH 4  is only for those who earn less than $10/hour. It is free for users and easy to use. The accounting software allows you to set up an accounting system quickly where you can also change the ownership of the business account from sole proprietor to close corporation or partnership. TurboCASH 4 also allows you to register for Sales Tax, GST, or VAT.

System Requirements for TurboCASH 4 accounting software:

Operating SystemsWindows 7, XP, Vista, NT, ME, 2000, 98

Single User: 256 MB

Multi-User: 512 MB

CD ROM36 speed or Higher
Screen Resolution1024 X 768
Minimum free storage150 MB

TurboCASH 5

TurboCASH 5 is a modern and latest accounting software that is equipped with various advanced features like Invoicing, Creditors, Debtors, Stocks, Cash Book, and General Ledger. It is aimed at business owners to deliver next-generation business accounting tools. The TurboCASH 5 accounting software requires an annual subscription fee. However, you will have to pay a subscription fee to use the banking plugin. Here are the system requirements for  TurboCASH 5 accounting software:

Operating SystemsWindows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, NT, ME, 2000, 98

Single User: 256 MB

Multi-User: 512 MB

CD ROM36 speed or Higher
Screen Resolution1368 X 768
Minimum free storage650 MB

TurboCASH For Mac

TurboCASH accounting software does not offer products and services for Mac devices. In short, TurboCASH for Mac is not available, but you can download TurboCASH alternatives and use them. Various options run on Mac devices and provide the same functionality.

GnuCash is free and open-source accounting software similar to TurboCASH for Mac. It is a suitable replacement for TurboCASH for Mac devices.

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TurboCASH Features

Here is the list of features included in a fully licensed version of TurboCASH accounting software:

Multiple Currency & Language Support

TurboCASH Accounting software is open-source accounting software. The application supports various currencies and languages. It is one of the best TurboCASH features.

Cloud Implementation

TurboCASH accounting software is equipped with a double-entry accounting function, and you can also access it from the cloud with the help of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. In other words, you can share real-time reports with other users. One of the best TurboCASH features is that you can retain remote bookkeeping and accounting services. As a result, Accountants and Bookkeepers do not need to come into your office.

PDF Reports

PDF reports are one of the best TurboCASH features which has all the standard financial reporting tools. These tools can be configured in various ways. PDF reports look more visually appealing because of automated formatting.


Multiple projects and cost centers can be configured when tracking expenses and drafting budgets.

Automated Sales Tax Calculation

TurboCASH templates include various sample books to offer a better service. The templates include sample books from New York, Kentucky, Indiana, and California. If you are using a free trial version of TurboCASH, then you can use this feature. That’s why it is one of the next-generation TurboCASH features.

Cash Books

Cash Books are one of the greatest TurboCASH features. You can use this feature by connecting your bank account. The reconciliation function ensures that all of your TurboCASH accounts are providing accurate and consistent information.

General Ledger

General Ledger is one of the best TurboCASH features. The application allows you to copy existing books, create new books, edit books, and use templates. These templates are highly recommended for everyone. If you operate cost centers for multiple regions, then General Ledger is the best feature for you.

TurboCASH Alternatives

Here is the list of top TurboCASH alternatives where you will get a short review and comparison between both accounting software.


DataDear is a business accounting software, and it helps you manage all the bookkeeping services. As a result, you can spend more time growing your organization or business. It features well-integrated modules to provide complete financial management functionalities. It can also provide you with critical insights. DataDear is the best TurboCASH Alternatives. Find more information in the table listed below:

Price OptionsFree Trial, Request a Quote, Subscription


Open Source,


LanguageEnglish, French, German, SpanishMultiple language support
SupportLive Chat24 X 7 live support

Live Online,

In Person,


Official Documentation.

Tax Management,


Fund Accounting,

For Government,

CPA Firms,

Billing & Invoicing,

Accounts Receivable.

Billing & Invoicing,

Tax Management.


Sage Cloud Accounting is an invoicing, billing, and accounting software product that allows you to take complete control over the finance of your business. It offers comprehensive accounting tools to ensure that you get the payments on time. Sage is the best TurboCASH Alternatives. Here is the Comparison between Sage and TurboCASH:

FeaturesSage TurboCASH
Price OptionsFree Trial, Subscription


Open Source,


LanguageEnglish, French, German, SpanishMultiple language support
SupportPhone Support, KnowledgeBase24 X 7 live support
TrainingNot availableOfficial Documentation

Billing & Invoicing,

Tax Management,



Tracking, and more.

Billing & Invoicing,

Tax Management.


ZipBooks is financial accounting software which aims to provide accounting packages for small and mid-sized business owners. ZipBooks aims to save time and money for business organizations by simplifying multiple accounting features. ZipBooks has an intuitive interface and is rich in features. Find out more details about the TurboCASH Alternatives below:

Price Options


Free Trial,

Request a Quote,



Open Source,



United States,

United Kingdom,


LanguageEnglishMultiple language support.
SupportKnowledge Base24 X 7 live support
TrainingDocumentsOfficial Documentation

Tax Management,

Billing & Invoicing,


Status Tracking,

Payroll Management, etc.

Billing & Invoicing,

Tax Management.

TurboCASH Vs. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is more expensive than TurboCASH, but it offers more features. The QuickBooks and TurboCASH are both designed for every kind of business. Both are the best choice for your business. Both products provide user forums and help pages. You can try the free trial version of both accounting software to decide the right software for your business. Here are the main features of TurboCASH and QuickBooks:

Accounts PayableBilling & Invoicing
Accounts ReceivableBalance Sheet
 Audit Trail
 Accounts Payable & Receivable

TurboCASH Pricing

TurboCASH accounting software starts at $60 per year. However, you can also try a free version where you will get various software licensing options. Use the annual license for a one-time payment. However, you can get monthly and yearly subscription options for Single and Multi-user systems.

TurboCASH free version is always available for users, but you will not get some advanced features. You can visit the official website for more TurboCASH pricing information.

Subscription Starts: USD 60 per year

Pricing Options: Subscription, Open-source, and Freemium.

Price Details:

  • Free: $0 per month,
  • Single User: $60 per year,
  • Multi-User: $19 per month or $200 per year.

TurboCASH Reviews

The graphic interface of TurboCASH accounting software reminds me of Windows 10. It is easy to understand and intuitive and the features selection is up to the mark. You can also complete your job with the help of a TurboCASH-free version. However, TurboCASH for Mac has more bugs, and it will also take longer to fix compared to Windows. The accounting software is flexible, and you can easily create databases for multiple companies. TurboCASH accounting software reviews are always positive, and many users seem happy because it helps you keep track of your finances.

TurboCASH Pros And Cons

Here are the quick TurboCASH reviews:


  • Built-in Templates
  • Stable
  • Database for multiple companies
  • Simple Interface
  • Flexible
  • Freemium model


  • Premium banking plug-in
  • Slower macOS bug fixes
  • Cloud Functionality

Advantage Of TurboCASH

The main advantage of TurboCASH accounting software over its competitors is that it has perfect professional accounting systems. It is used to maintain large organizations. It includes various features like billing module, balance, tracking, expenses, and income management.

TurboCASH accounting software is open-source accounting software that enables users to try different methods to develop their business.


TurboCASH accounting software could be a great accounting software for you if you are a business owner and want complete control over the finance of your company. It is also a good option for small to mid-sized business owners if they are going to try unique online accounting software packages. You will still get a reliable financial management solution for your business. Wire-it solutions  offers business accounting services, software support, and consultation to grow your business. Check out the blog section to fix the business accounting error codes.

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