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TurboTax 1098 T Error | The Ultimate Guide To Fix It

TurboTax 1098 T Error arises when filing the 1098 T TurboTax form. 1098 T TurboTax form is an American Internal Revenue Service tax form. It is given to college students by their institutions. The 1098 T form gathers information about the paid tuition fees in a taxable year. The 1098 T form is essential to file for every student while enrolled in the institution. Here are the main reasons behind the error code 1098 T-

  • Formatting of any invisible character
  • Unwanted spaces
  • Incorrect details.

The article includes the ultimate guide to fixing the TurboTax 1098 T error code. You will know how to fill out the 1098 T TurboTax form free of cost. You can quickly learn how to file the 1098 T Form on TurboTax online software.

TurboTax 1098 T Error- Manually Troubleshooting

You need to be patient while dealing with the error 1098 T Form TurboTax. Go through the steps mentioned below-

  • Restart your PC
  • Use another web browser
  • Update your internet browser
  • Upgrade the Windows operating system
  • Do not leave any blank space while filing the details.

How To Fix TurboTax 1098 T Error?

If you get an error message on your 1098 T Form TurboTax, then your copied & pasted information might be a leading reason. The information might contain invisible formatting characters like space. Please make sure that there is no extra space in your entries. Here are the methods to fix the TurboTax 1098 T Error code on your account:

Use A Different Web Browser

If you are using TurboTax Online, sometimes your buttons do not work correctly. It is because your web browser is not displaying the webpage correctly. To fix the error code, you can simply use a different web browser like Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.

You can install a new web browser or update the old one from a trusted platform to quickly resolve the 1098 T TurboTax Error.

Do Not Copy-Paste Your Info

Another reason for the TurboTax 1098 T Error is the space in your entered information. This is only due to the copy-paste feature. If you enter the information through copy & paste, it might contain several invisible characters like spaces.

In short, do not copy and paste any required information (like file number) directly into your TurboTax form. You need to input the necessary data manually.

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Steps To Edit Your 1098 T TurboTax Form

You can easily modify or edit the information on TurboTax 1098 T form by following these methods-

Education Section

Here is the simple steps to go to the education section of your return-

  • Firstly, click on the Search icon on the top row
  • Secondly, type Education in the search box
  • Then, click on the Magnifying Glass option or tap Find
  • After that, select Jump to Education from search results
  • Finally, tap the blue link option to get the education section.

Education Expense Summary

Follow these steps to go through the entire education expense system-

  • Firstly, go to your profile
  • After that, locate the student’s name and tap Edit
  • It will open your Education summary
  • After that, click on the Edit option next to the Tuition tab
  • Then, enter your required information and fill out the form

Finally, ensure that all the information is similar to the 1098 T form.

File Your Returns With 1098 T Form TurboTax

These steps might help you file your return-

  • Firstly, navigate to the Input section of your 1098 T Form
  • Secondly, press the Continue option through your screen
  • After that, avoid potentially doubling up
  • Then, continue through all your screen
  • Keep hitting Continue until you get back to the Wages & Income screen
  • After that, get back to the Education Credit section
  • Tap Edit next to the student option
  • Then, tap Tuition and click Edit to continue further
  • Moreover, select the Yes option and continue through the screens
  • Finally, review your entered information after you pass all the screens.

Everything About 1098 T TurboTax Form

TurboTax 1098 T Error occurs while filing the TurboTax form.


Here are the eligibility criteria for the 1098 T TurboTax form-

  • Should be a US citizens
  • Permanent Residents
  • International Students with TIN.

Qualified & Unqualified Expenses

Here are the list of unqualified & unqualified expenses-

Qualified ExpensesUnqualified Expenses
TuitionsInsurance fees
Certain educational institutionsStudent health fees
Graduate & Undergraduate TuitionRoom Services
Special Class FeesBoard
Recreation FeeLate Charges
Resident Surcharge FeeProcessing Fees
Health & Wellness FeeApplication Fees
Student Service Facility FeeASU Payment Plan Fee
Student Programs Fee.Registration Fees.

Required Information

Internal Revenue Service requires the following information-

  • Student’s name
  • TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number
  • SSN or Social Security Number
  • All payment transactions
  • Permanent Address
  • Calendar year performance report
  • Mode of study (half-time or full time)

Additional Information

Here is the list of data contained in each box-

Box 1Payments Received for Qualified Tuition
Box 2Reserved for future use
Box 3Reserved for future use
Box 4Adjustments made for a prior year
Box 5Scholarships or Grants
Box 6Scholarship Adjustments
Box 7Academic period
Box 8Half-Time student
Box 9For Graduate Students
Box 10Refunds or ICR.


The article includes all the important information related to the TurboTax 1098 T Error code. If you can not resolve the error code on your own, then you can consult our experts. They will help you in fixing all the error codes associated with TurboTax and any other business management or accounting software. Wire IT Solution’s experts will make sure that they understand your issue first and after that resolve the error code as soon as possible.

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