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What Are Some Of The Causes For Error 1921 When Updating TurboTax

In This Article, you will know about what are some of the causes for error 1921 when updating TurboTax. Error 1921 TurboTax is an error in which you are not able to stop or close the Intuit Update Service. In other words, the intuit update service could not be stopped. Ensure that you have sufficient privileges to stop the ongoing system services. The TurboTax Error Code 1921 could occur due to multiple reasons. The error also occurs when any threats (Virus or Malware) attack on the device or active program window crashes. Let’s find out about the possible causes for Error 1921 while using the TurboTax software.

You can easily solve the error if you know about the causes. These causes will help you fix the error instantly. Here are some causes that are behind the Error 1921 TurboTax. These causes will help you select the error immediately.

Causes For Error 1921 When Updating TurboTax: Corrupt Installation File

TurboTax’s official website offers the latest TurboTax software. You can download the installation file from the official site. Sometimes the downloaded file gets corrupted because of interruptions. A corrupt installation file could be the main reason behind the error 1921 TurboTax.

A corrupt installation file can damage your device and cause the error code 1921. You can use the TurboTax repair tool to repair the installation file. After that, use the file to install the TurboTax software.

Causes For Error 1921 When Updating TurboTax: Incomplete Installation

TurboTax corrupt installation files can lead to incomplete installation. Incomplete and improper installation of the TurboTax software may be one of the reasons for the error 1921 TurboTax. Sometimes antivirus software and firewall settings can create some issues during the installation.

You can block the antivirus and firewall settings from the task manager to successfully install the TurboTax software. You can also download the latest file from the TurboTax website for a proper installation.

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Causes For Error 1921 When Updating TurboTax: Deleted TurboTax File

If you have deleted any important TurboTax file from storage, it can generate various errors. In other words, the error 1921 TurboTax only generates if you have mistakenly deleted the TurboTax file. You can download the third-party repair tools to repair the missing or deleted TurboTax file.

It will download the server’s deleted, missing, or corrupted TurboTax files. Missing or corrupted files might be the possible reason behind the error if you have deleted the files. You will need an internet connection to download the missing files.

Causes For Error 1921 When Updating TurboTax: Missing Windows Registry Files

Windows registry files play an essential role in installing and processing software. Registry files are responsible for installation. Corrupted or missing Windows registry files can be one of the reasons for Error 1921 TurboTax.

Causes For Error 1921 When Updating TurboTax: Malware or Virus Threats

Malware or virus attacks can damage the hardware of your device. It can infect software and windows files. They can infect files related to TurboTax software, leading you to the error 1921 TurboTax.

You can install any Antivirus software. Antivirus software scans for any damaged file on the device. It will remove malicious files from devices.

Methods To Fix Error 1921 TurboTax

Here are some practical solutions to fix the TurboTax Error Code 1921. Follow these methods:

Update Or Reinstall Conflicting Programs

You can update the programs by using the control panel. Go through these steps:

  • Firstly, close all the running software and tap the Start button
  • Then, select the Control Panel setting
  • Click on the Uninstall a program tab
  • Then, locate and tap on the software
  • Click the Uninstall option
  • Follow the prompts on your screen to uninstall
  • Remove any additional files or folders
  • Then, re-download the latest TurboTax file
  • Use the application’s installation window and finalize the process
  • Finally, restart the device.

Re-install Runtime Libraries

You can reinstall the runtime libraries. First of all, uninstall the current software and install a fresh copy by these simple steps:

  • Firstly, close all the active programs and uninstall the current package
  • Highlight the C++ Redistributable package
  • Then, click on the Uninstall runtime libraries option
  • Reboot your PC
  • Download the latest package
  • Then, launch the downloaded file to get the installation window
  • Follow the prompts to install it
  • Finally, restart your device.

Use Disk Cleanup

Less free space increases the chances of Error 1921 TurboTax. Follow these instructions to remove caches:

  • Firstly, create a backup of your files
  • Make space on your hard drive by deleting unwanted files
  • Then, clear the temporary files or cache
  • Reboot your PC and run a disk cleanup
  • Then, open the explorer window on the system
  • Select the Main directory option
  • Click on the Properties tab
  • Finally, select the Disk Cleanup option.

Close Conflicting Programs

Follow these steps to close any conflicting programs:

  • Firstly, launch the Task Manager on your PC
  • Navigate to the Processes tab
  • Select the Stop option from the drop-down window
  • Tap the End Process button to proceed
  • Observe the displayed error message
  • Then, identify the software and select it
  • Follow on-screen prompts and close the program.

Reinstall Graphics Driver

Follow these steps to re-install the graphics driver settings:

  • Firstly, close all the running applications on the PC
  • After that, go to the Control Panel settings
  • Open the Device Manager window
  • Tap the Search icon and type Graphics Driver in the field
  • Then, right-click on the Video Card Driver
  • Select the Uninstall option
  • Finally, restart your PC.


The article provides a guide on what are some of the causes for error 1921 when updating TurboTax software. The above methods will solve your problems in no time. You can also discuss your tax preparation or business accounting software-related issues by contacting us. Wire-it Solutions  offers Year-end financial services, tax filing services, and bookkeeping services. You can consult us to solve accounting software errors on TurboCASH, Tally ERP9, Kashflow, Sage, Xero, Quicken, TurboTax, and QuickBooks.

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