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TurboTax Error 1921 | 7 Effective Methods To Troubleshoot It

TurboTax Error 1921 appears randomly on your screen, preventing you from using the tool properly. It may leave the device outdated. You will get the error message, “Intuit Update Service could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to prevent the system services. The blog includes Multiple methods to fix the TurboTax Error code 1921. The method comprises Restarting your device, Restart Intuit update service, Update Microsoft.NET framework, Update Windows operating system, close the conflicting programs on your device.

But you need to understand the real reason behind the error code. There are several possible reasons behind the error code. Some of them are listed below-

  • Background processes
  • Corrupted Download software
  • Incomplete installation process
  • Deleted TurboTax file
  • Corrupted Windows registry files
  • Malware or virus attacks
  • Infected Windows files.

TurboTax Error 1921- Restart Your Computer

It is a general solution to fix the error on your device. Restarting your device must be the number one thing you should do each time you get an error code on the PC. Sometimes, it might fix the issue and save you more time. Follow these instructions-

  • Firstly, close all the running programs
  • Press the Windows key and select the Power menu
  • Then, select the Restart option in the next window


  • Click OK to restart your Windows device
  • After that, relaunch the TurboTax application
  • Update your app and resolve the issue.

TurboTax Error 1921- Restart Intuit Update Service

Intuit update services are a part of TurboTax accounting software. Restart the Intuit update service on the device and make sure to follow these simple steps-

Stop the Intuit Update Service-

Go through these instructions-

  • Firstly, click the Start button
  • Choose the Run option from the window
  • After that, navigate to the Run dialog box
  • Enter the services.msc in the text box
  • Click the OK option or press the Enter key
  • Access the services running on the PC
  • Then, click the Services tab
  • Locate and click the Intuit Update Service
  • Right-click the service and select Properties
  • After that, go to the Startup type and choose the Automatic option
  • If the status of service is running, then tap the Stop option


Start The Intuit Update Service-

Follow these steps-

  • Firstly, click the Start button and choose the Run option
  • Type services.msc in the Run dialog box
  • Then, press the OK option and navigate to the Log On tab
  • Click the Browser option and enter the required details
  • After that, tap OK when you are done
  • Type your password inside the box
  • Then, select OK and close the window
  • After that, get back to the properties option under Intuit Update service
  • Choose the Start option and make sure the service is running.

TurboTax Error 1921- Update Your Windows OS

Go through these instructions to update the Windows operating system-

  • Firstly, press & hold the Windows + X key
  • Then, launch the Special Context menu
  • Select the Windows Powershell option from the menu
  • After that, type cmd in the Powershell console
  • Wait for a few minutes & switch to the full window


  • Type wuauclt.exe/updatenow in the command
  • Press the Enter key to proceed further in the process
  • Then, let the command run for at least one hour
  • Finally, check for updates after some time.

TurboTax Error 1921- Update Microsoft.NET Framework

Follow these steps to update the Microsoft.NET framework-

  • Firstly, go to the official Microsoft website and get the latest installer
  • Locate and click the Download option in red color
  • Then, install the downloaded application or program
  • Identify the installed Windows OS version
  • Then, download all the required components
  • Locate the downloaded file and launch it on your device
  • Install the latest version by following on-screen prompts
  • After that, finish the installation process
  • Reopen TurboTax to update your computer now

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TurboTax Error 1921- Close Conflicting Programs

Go through these instructions to stop the conflicting programs on your device-

  • Firstly, open the Task Manager on your device
  • Then, go to the Processes tab and select the Stop option
  • Click the End Process button to confirm your action
  • Then, observe the error message on your device
  • After that, identify the program that causes the error
  • Finally, reinstall the TurboTax application

TurboTax Error 1921- Run Disk Cleanup Setting

Here are the instructions to clean up your disk-

  • Firstly, create a backup of all your files
  • Cleanup some storage from your device
  • Then, clear the cache on the device
  • After that, reboot your device


  • Run the Disk Cleanup option
  • Launch the Explorer window on the system
  • Then, right-click the main directory
  • After that, click the properties option
  • Finally, select the Disk Cleanup option.

TurboTax Error 1921- Reset Browser Setting

If you use TurboTax online services on the browser and face the TurboTax error code 1921, you need to reset your browser settings. Follow these steps to reset your browser settings-

  • Firstly, click the Start tab
  • Select the Control Panel option to proceed
  • Then, tap Internet Options to proceed
  • Click the Advanced tab to proceed
  • After that, tap the Reset button
  • Then, confirm your actions.
  • Finally, reset your Browser settings to default.

Before following the above methods, you must create a backup file of all your essential data and files. You can use the backup file to restore your device’s vital files and data.


The methods given above will help you fix the TurboTax Error 1921. The method comprises Restarting Intuit update service, Restarting your device, Update Windows operating system, Update the Microsoft.NET framework, close the conflicting programs on the device. The blog includes leading reasons and methods to fix the TurboTax error code. The given steps are simple to understand and easy to follow.

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