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TurboTax Error 65535 | 7 Ultimate Methods To Resolve It

TurboTax Error 65535 is an unexpected error that arises whenever you install the TurboTax software on your device. The error code 65535 TurboTax does not let you complete the installation process correctly. Error 65535 TurboTax is usually hard to solve without proper guidance.


The article includes several solutions to fix the TurboTax error codes. If you struggle to fix the error code, you can go through the entire article to get troubleshooting methods. But before fixing the error code on your PC, you must find out the main reason behind the error code.

Here are some leading reasons behind the error 65535 TurboTax-

  • Corrupted Windows registry
  • Incomplete setup
  • Malware or Virus attacks
  • Inflamed Report
  • Damaged TurboTax files

TurboTax Error 65535- Download The TurboTax Fix-It Tool

TurboTax Fix-It tool can resolve the particular error codes on your PC. You can download the tool from the official TurboTax website. The fix-it tool can change your registry permissions. Follow these simple instructions-

  • Firstly, visit the official TurboTax site
  • Click the Download option to proceed
  • Choose a folder from the storage
  • After that, click the Save option
  • Finish the downloading process
  • Then, navigate to the Download folder
  • Locate the file and double-tap on it to launch
  • Grant installation permission and follow on-screen commands
  • Tap Install to start the installation process
  • Finally, launch the Fix-it tool and solve the error code.

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TurboTax Error 65535- Disable Certain services

Disabling one of the running services and programs might resolve your device’s error code 65535 TurboTax. These services or programs might cause the issue. Follow the steps in the given order to troubleshoot the error 65535-

  • Firstly, right-click on the Start icon
  • Locate and tap the Task Manager option from the menu
  • Then, click the More tab to get all running services
  • Navigate to the Processes tab


  • After that, locate MSIexec.exe on the list
  • Right-click on the running service and select End task
  • Finally, install the TurboTax program on your device.

TurboTax Error 65535- Install The Updates Manually

You can manually update the TurboTax program and fix the TurboTax error codes. Follow the instructions in the given order-

  • Firstly, close the TurboTax program from the browser
  • Then, visit the official TurboTax site
  • Navigate to the update option and choose the correct year
  • Save the file on your PC
  • After that, launch the downloaded file
  • Start the updating process and follow on-screen prompts
  • Then, proceed with the updating process
  • Finally, update the software properly without clicking the Automatic option.

TurboTax Error 65535- Change Folder Settings

Sometimes, you may not have permission to access the files. You can resolve this issue by following these simple steps-

  • Firstly, launch the File Explorer and open Local Disk C
  • Then, go to the Program Data folder
  • locate the Intuit sub-folder and right-click on the folder
  • Choose the Properties option from the list


  • After that, navigate to the Security tab
  • Tap Advanced to launch the Advanced Security Settings window
  • Then, click the Change option next to the Owner tab
  • Type your user account and click OK in the text field
  • Tap Replace owner option and click OK to confirm your actions
  • After that, set permissions to Full Control
  • Finally, tap OK to confirm the changes

TurboTax Error 65535- Disable Antivirus Settings

Antivirus prevents the user from installing the software on your device. You can disable the antivirus settings from your PC by these step-by-step instructions-

  • Firstly, click the Start menu
  • Go to the App list and locate your Antivirus application
  • Right-click on the Antivirus and tap Finish or Disable
  • Then, confirm your action and save the setup
  • After that, ensure that Antivirus is disabled
  • Finally, install the TurboTax app and launch it.

TurboTax Error 65535- Run As Administrator

The administrator option may solve the error code on your PC. Follow these simple steps to proceed further-

  • Firstly, close all the running programs
  • Make sure that the TurboTax app is not running
  • Right-click on the TurboTax icon
  • Select the Run as Administrator option
  • After that, confirm your action
  • Then, navigate to the Help section
  • Select Update to get the latest patches.
  • Finally, install the TurboTax app.

FIx The Error Code 65535 On TurboTax Based On Windows OS

Check out the steps to fix the error 65535 TurboTax on your device-

Windows 10

Go through the step-by-step directions and fix the error 65535 TurboTax-

  • Firstly, click the Taskbar option
  • Navigate to the Activity Supervisor window
  • Locate and right-click on the Intuit Replace Provider
  • After that, select the Finish Procedure tab
  • Go to the Main Points tab and locate the exe report
  • Finally, close the Taskbar and reinstall TurboTax software.

Windows 8

Follow the step-by-step instructions to fix error code 65535 TurboTax-

  • Firstly, select the Taskbar option from the Start menu
  • Go to the Activity Supervisor phase and click the extra main points
  • After that, navigate to the Provider tab and complete the setup procedure
  • Finally, reinstall the TurboTax setup.

Windows 7

Go through the step-by-step directions to fix error 65535 TurboTax-

  • Firstly, log in to your device as Admin
  • Disable the firewall and security settings like Antivirus
  • Setup TurboTax and finish the installation process
  • Finally, re-enable the safety and security setting.

Windows XP or Vista

Follow the step-by-step instructions to fix error code 65535 TurboTax-

  • Log in as an Administrator and disable the online backup option
  • After that, disable the firewall and antivirus programs
  • Then, start the TurboTax installation process
  • After that, finalize the TurboTax setup process
  • Finally, re-enable the firewall, antivirus, and online backup features.


Suppose you continue receiving the TurboTax error 65535 while installing the TurboTax program on your PC. There are a lot of reasons behind the error codes. Read and try all the troubleshooting steps and fix the error code 65535 TurboTax.

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