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Sage Vs. QuickBooks: Which One Is Better in 2022?

Although we are unable to provide answers to such questions, we can provide information on the two most popular software options: QuickBooks and Sage. (If you’re wondering if QuickBooks and Sage are the same, the answer is no.)We hope that by the end of this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which option is best for you. With that out of the way, let’s get started!

What Is Sage?

Sage is a business accounting software that simplifies, organizes, and facilitates many accounting tasks for you and your business. It is one of the most extensive accounting software for financial management. You can use it to create financial reports, keep company files, and use it as an overall business management tool.

Sage accounting software offers many plans to choose from for small, medium, and large companies or enterprises. You can select a software version to practice, handle, and manage complicated financial systems.

List Of Sage Products:

Here is the complete list of Sage products:

  • Sage Intacct
  • Sage 50 Quantum
  • Sage 50 cloud premium
  • Sage 50 cloud pro
  • Sage 100 contractor
  • Sage 100 cloud
  • Sage 300 cloud
  • Sage 300 construction & real estate
  • Sage 500
  • Sage X3
  • Sage HRMS
  • Sage Fixed Assets
  • Sage CRM

What Is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a classic business accounting platform for bookkeeping and business management. It imports business data, reports, financial records and organizes complete information in an easily manageable manner. QuickBooks allows you to manage purchases, expenses, sales, and payroll.

QuickBooks features and benefits depend upon the QuickBooks edition. Every edition has a few universal perks and easy-to-use. You will get invoices, billing, money management, financial reporting, etc.

List of QuickBooks Products:

Here is the list of products offered by QuickBooks:

  1. QuickBooks Online
  2. QuickBooks Pro
  3. QuickBooks Self Employed
  4. QuickBooks Premier
  5. QuickBooks Accountant
  6. QuickBooks Enterprise.

Sage Vs. QuickBooks- Dashboard

Sage Vs. QuickBooks are the two accounting software companies that market them differently. The Sage accounting software webpage version does not offer more options from the dashboard. On the other hand, QuickBooks grants more opportunities in the dashboard. You can easily access more tools and options from the dashboard.

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Sage Vs. QuickBooks- Tutorial

Sage offers the list of software features on the homepage. Sage accounting software does not offer any videos on using the software. On the other hand, QuickBooks presents screenshots on the top right portion. QuickBooks allows you to see how payroll, invoices, and dashboard works.

QuickBooks also offers a video to show you the valuable tools for accountants in the QuickBooks software. However, you will find a lot of third-party tutorials for QuickBooks and Sage accounting software.

Sage Vs. QuickBooks- User Interface

You can see video content on youtube to look at Sage Vs. QuickBooks’ user interface. Both Sage and QuickBooks accounting software has a similar homepage layout. You will get a section for links and categories for tasks on the left side of the screen. QuickBooks and Sage accounting software includes categories for customers, banks, and suppliers at the bottom left of the screen.

You will also get a report browser along with the Sage accounting software. The report browser is easy to navigate. QuickBooks follows a visually appealing format by using an uncluttered screen and colors. Better fonts and different colors represent a large amount of data.

Sage Vs. QuickBooks- Types Of Business

Sage is a better option for a large business. You can easily manage robust inventory. Sage is a better option because it provides inventory and project management tools. However, the software is not easy to master. Sage software works best for the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profits
  • Construction
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Mid to large-sized businesses.

QuickBooks accounting software is a better option for small and new businesses. It offers introductory accounting solutions and essential inventory management. You can easily upgrade your plans if you need more inventory management tools for your business. QuickBooks works excellent for the following industries:

  • Small to Mid-sized businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Retailers
  • Accountants
  • Medical Services
  • Legal services.

Sage Vs. QuickBooks- Similarities

QuickBooks and Sage accounting software provides entry-level solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Sage and QuickBooks accounting software are easy to use and affordable. Sage enterprise resource planning products are similar to most of the QuickBooks editions. Products and services are primarily cloud-based, but you can use third-party hosting in a hosted environment.

Sage vs. QuickBooks support third-party solutions like Payments, AP Automation, and Expense Management.

Sage Vs. QuickBooks- Differences

Sage Vs. QuickBooks accounting software targets different businesses but are suitable for all business models. Sage targets large enterprises, while QuickBooks targets small and mid-sized companies. Sage products are a better fit for growing or established organizations.

On the other hand, QuickBooks is best for small businesses. Sage offers industry-specific business management like wholesale distribution, manufacturing, real estate, and construction.

Sage Vs. QuickBooks- Pros & Cons

Sage vs. QuickBooks have their pros and cons. Here is the main advantage and disadvantages of Sage and QuickBooks accounting software:


Find out the advantages of QuickBooks and Sage accounting software:

Sage Quickbooks
Basic Accounting  ToolsCloud Support
Advanced Project management ServicesBookkeeping Tools
Multiple user collaborationFinancial Reporting
Personalized QuotesAffordable
Personalized InvoicesAccounting Tools
Cloud-based project managementThird-party application support
Expense TrackingEasy-to-use


Here are the disadvantages of QuickBooks and Sage accounting software:

Sage Quickbooks
Less User-FriendlySystem Crash
Difficult to setuLimited number of Users
Hard to incorporateFile-size issue
 Less industry-specific features
 Limited personalization


There are so many differences between Sage Vs. QuickBooks. In short, Sage is best for large enterprises because it offers more industry-related features. On the other hand, QuickBooks is typically suited for small to medium-sized businesses. Sage accounting software offers invoicing features and project management specialization. On the other hand, QuickBooks is easier to use.

Always consider Sage if:

  • Firstly, you want more than one employee collaborate on a single project
  • Secondly, you have a large inventory
  • Moreover, you want to track products
  • Finally, you want a personalized logo for invoices.

Always consider QuickBooks If:

  • Firstly, you want user-friendly software
  • Moreover, you Own a small business.

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